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Title Case plugin improvements



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      In relation to recent talks about the feat. standardization plugin, I was thiking about the potential improvements to the existing Title Case plugin. I am describing some of them here: https://community.metabrainz.org/t/request-for-feat-standardising-plugin/215957/ and here: https://github.com/metabrainz/picard-plugins/issues/85. The suggestions are following:

      • An ability to lowercase join phrases, such as feat., vs., and + all the localized ones
      • Possibly include other metadata fields for capitalization (album artist, release type, release status, performer relationships, sorted version of the fields, etc.)
      • An ability to white-list some phrases so they can be ignored and won't be capitalized (stylized or other artist names come to mind, such as t.A.T.u., blink-182 or Armin van Buuren)

      The first suggestion is pretty straight-forward, so the join phrases could be lowercased. I imagine most of people lowercase the join phrases, but if one wouldn't find this feature appealing, there should be a way to disable this function, such as editing the plugin file in a text editor and changing a true to a false somewhere in there.

      For the second suggestion, you can always add more metadata fields if necessary by manually editing the plugin as well, but it would probably be better if there were more of them listed by default. It's just a matter of which ones.

      And as for the last suggestion, the user would need to edit the plugin manually and add the specific phrases which would be ignored, but it would be great if there was some kind of framework already built-in within the plugin itself, like an ignore function which would simply list all the user-defined phrases in quotes, separated by commas, like it does currently for metadata fields.

      Alternatively, instead of manually editing the plugin in a text editor for every minor change you want it to do, it would be great if you could simply have settings for plugins inside of Picard! In this case it would simply be: 1) Which metadata fields should be capitalized, 2) Whether join phrases should be capitalized and 3) Your list of phrases which should be ignored and be displayed as-is.


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