Name: Tannerin (Wikipedia), an electronic instrument designed to mimic the sound of the themerin.

      Family: Electronic Instruments

      Also known as: Electro-Theremin

      Wikidata item:  Q1493856

      Invented by: Paul Tanner and Bob Whitsell.

      Made in: Late 1950s.

      Age: Approximately 60 years old.

      Derived from: Theremin.

      Similar to: Musical saw, Ondes Martenot, trautonium, Electronde, MC-505, Haken Continuum, Persephone, Audiocubes, Otamatone.

      Disambiguation: An early synthesizer-like device that sounds like a theremin.

      Description: The Electro-theremin may be similar in tone and portamento with the theremin, but they have different control mechanisms. The instrument has a sine wave generator placed in a wooden box. The generator comes with a knob which is attached to a slider at the exterior of the box with a piece of string, and aids in the control of its pitch. Moving the slider turns the knob and produces a specific frequency.

      History: After being created in the late 1950s, the tannerin was utilized in a few music releases in the late 1950s and 1960s. Paul Tanner's prototype Electro-Theremin may have been the only one of its kind made, and in the late 1960s, Tanner donated or sold the instrument to a hospital. In the year 1999, Tom Polk made a replica of the original Electro-Theremin and he was the person who dubbed the name "Tannerin", in honor of its creator Paul Tanner.

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      • Other names: Electro-Theremin
      • Wikipedia: Electro-Theremin
      • Family: Electronic Instruments
      • Description: an early synthesizer-like device that sounds like a theremin
      • Appears on:
        1. Straight Outta Lynwood Track 2, credited as theremin




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