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Nyabinghi Drums (Funde, Thunder, Repeater/Keteh)




      Archived request from the wiki:

      Nyabinghi Drums (Funde, Thunder, Repeater/Keteh)

      • Other names: Rastafarian/jamaican drums
      • Wikipedia: Wikipedia
      • Family: Drums / Nyabinghi drums (preferably with an instrument each for the three)
      • Description: played at a groundation ceremony in rasta culture. Nyabinghi music is played in 4/4 time on three drums:
        Thunder: It is a double-headed bass drum, played with a mallet. The strokes are an open tone on 1 and a dampened stroke on 3. Occasionally, the thunder player will syncopate the rhythm.
        Funde: The funde is the middle drum. It maintains the dominant heartbeat rhythm as the funde player makes steady, dampened strokes on 1 and 3.
        Repeater/Keteh: The repeater or keteh, is the smallest and highest pitched drum. The drummer tends to play around 2 and 4 , with a syncopated feel. It is seen as the carrier of spirit and fire of the music.
        Maybe these are two specific, but noting here in case they are credited this way on other releases. These are roughly equivalent to other standard percussion instruments like "bass drum", congas, bongos etc.
      • Appears on:
        1. Light Played by Omar (Repeater drum on track 4)
        2. Music
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