Name: Gravikord, a modern 24-stringed instrument.

      Type of: String instrument.
      Subcategory: Plucked string instrument.

      Wikidata item: Q1543978

      Invented by: Robert Grawi in 1986, from Florida.

      Hybrid of: kora, kalimba, guitar, electric harp.
      Derivation: gravi-kora
      Related to: gravi-kora, kora, kalimba, guitar, harp.

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      Disambiguation: A modern electric harp-shaped instrument with 24 strings.

      Description: It is electric and acoustic, and like a guitar, it can be connected to an amplifier and play effects like vibrato, distortion. It was inspired by the kora and kalimba but its structure takes the form of a double bridged harp, fabricated with hollow stainless steel and twelve nylon strings on each side (24 in total). It can also be played to sound like a harp.

      Age: The gravikord is one of the modern 20th century instruments. It is currently 32 years old.

      History: Created in 1986, the gravikord was made as an alternative instrument to play polyrhythms easily instead of a guitar. Initially, its experimental prototypes were developed with materials such as fiberglass, animal skin, bamboo, wood, aluminum. The current design uses stainless steel frames and nylon strings, making it strong and lightweight. The instrument gained more popularity when it showcased in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1996. It also appeared in an article in Guitar Player magazine.

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