Name: The zhuihu (Wikipedia) is a traditional two stringed Chinese instrument in the huqin (Wikipedia|MusicBrainz) family.

      Wikidata item: Q198215

      Creation of Instrument: According to Chinese legends, Emperor Kang Xi closed down all theatres in the palace during the Qing Dynasty of China, resulting in performers having to busk in the streets instead. One day, a performer found his sanxian (Wikipedia|MusicBrainz) with its python-skin soundbox cover bitten and damaged by rats right before his performance. In a hurry, he hastily replaced the python-skin soundbox cover with one made of Paulownia wood and attached a bow with its hair in between the two strings, transforming it into a bowed-string instrument, which became the modern day zhuihu.

      Relationships: Like most other members of the huqin family, such as the erhu (Wikipedia|MusicBrainz), the zhuihu is made of two strings, and is played with a bow with its hair placed in between the two strings. However, unlike most other members of the huqin family, the zhuihu has a fretless fingerboard, where the strings are pressed while playing to produce different pitches.

      Disambiguation: A two stringed Chinese instrument usually made of either hardwood or bronze, part of the _huqin family._

      Description: Originated from Henan province, the zhuihu is usually used for accompaniment in Henan operas. The zhuihu produces a very metallic sound unlike other members of the huqin family. In modern days, the zhuihu is also used as a solo instrument playing songs such as He Nan Xiao Qu (literally translated as "little song from Henan").

      Family: Huqin

      Example of usage: He Nan Xiao Qu played on the zhuihu


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