Name: Gbedu (Wikipedia), a large traditional drum.

      A type of Drum.

      A member of: Yoruba family of drums.

      Also known as: Ogido.
      Wikidata item: Q5529320

      Native to: Yoruba people, Nigeria and Benin.

      Related to:  talking drumBatá drum , Sakara drum.

      Disambiguation: A drum mostly used during traditional ceremonies in Nigeria and Benin.

      Description: With a name that translates to "big drum", the Gbedu one of the four major families of Yoruba drums. Like its name implies, it is a large drum, with a body made out of wood and the head fabricated with animal hide. There is the presence of the mother drum, which plays the lead, and other drums which play the support are each played by a drummer using his palm and a stick.

      History: The Gbedu drum found its way into Lagos, Nigeria in the 17th century. The drum, according to the Yoruba, signify royalty, and as such, the biggest of them were played for the king. Years ago, it was believed that the drum, with its intricate carvings, had a protecting spirit of a slave which was allegedly sacrificed during its making. Example carvings include animals, birds and the phallus. Ceremonial rites included sacrifices, during which blood, palm wine, egg yolks and chicken feathers were sprinkled on the Gbedu's carvings.


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