Name: Trembita is an alpine horn made of wood. It is common among Ukrainian highlanders Hutsuls who used to live in western Ukraine, eastern Poland, Slovakia and northern Romania.
      A type of brass instrument
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      Disambiguation: alpine horn made of wood
      Description: Used primarily by mountain dwellers known as Hutsuls and Gorals in the Carpathians, it was used as a signalling device to announce deaths, funerals, weddings.

      The tube is made from a long straight piece of pine or spruce (preferably one that has been struck by lightning) which is split in two in order to carve out the core. The halves are once again joined together and then wrapped in birch bark or osier rings. It is also used by shepherds for signalling and communication in the forested mountains and for guiding sheep and dogs. The trembita has a timbre that is much brighter than that of the alpenhorn due to its narrow bore and very minor flare.

      The trembita has no lateral openings and therefore gives the pure natural harmonic series of the open pipe. The upper harmonics are the more readily obtained by reason of the small diameter of the bore in relation to the length.
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