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Modification of Work relationship type on a Work



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      So, I initially modified this work: https://musicbrainz.org/work/91330cf4-fc1d-4a6b-807b-667f6b4c9b40 to add the "Is Based On" relationship for three other works... And then later, I decided that the ordered "Parts" relationship would actually be better to use... So I edited the https://musicbrainz.org/work/91330cf4-fc1d-4a6b-807b-667f6b4c9b40 work... clicking on the little pencil icon for the first "Is Based On" relationship, modified it's type and direction to be "Part", and clicked "Done".


      The pop-over editing form/window did not close, but in the background, you can see the work moved into a new "Parts" grouping. Clicking "Done" a second time closes the form/window.


      A further, related bug:

      I'm not sure if this is a second unrelated bug or not... but I did the above steps three times, for each of the three works. After the third, there was only one Work now displayed; I clicked "These relationships have a specific ordering"

      I tried adding one of the invisible works to this new relation, and it appeared as item number "4.", so I deleted that... and then hit save to see if this would correct itself...


      Internal Server Error

      Oops, something went wrong!


      Caught exception in MusicBrainz::Server::Controller::Work->edit "The edit could not be created. Exception (string): Relationship link type mismatch at lib/MusicBrainz/Server/Edit/Relationship/Reorder.pm line 181.
       at lib/MusicBrainz/Server/Controller.pm line 106.
       at lib/Sql.pm line 334.
       at lib/Sql.pm line 334."

      Stack trace:

      • line
      • line
      • line
      • line
      • line
      • line
      • line

      Time: 2019-05-03 20:21:59 UTC

      Host: 2b92cae11d75

      Interface language: en

      URL: https://musicbrainz.org/work/91330cf4-fc1d-4a6b-807b-667f6b4c9b40/edit

      Request data:

      $VAR1 = {
                'body_parameters' => {
                                       'edit-work.rel.1.relationship_id' => '1610259',
                                       'edit-work.rel.3.target' => 'd50f21a2-8a1b-47f1-a85c-ab1d8b662b36',
                                       'edit-work.rel.1.backward' => '1',
                                       'edit-work.rel.1.link_type_id' => '168',
                                       'edit-work.rel.4.relationship_id' => '270269',
                                       'edit-work.rel.6.link_order' => '4',
                                       'edit-work.rel.0.relationship_id' => '1610258',
                                       'edit-work.rel.5.target' => 'fdeb6584-9775-470b-a769-4de6ee3dc837',
                                       'edit-work.name' => 'The Prayer, Meteor, One Love (Talamasca remix)',
                                       'edit-work.iswcs.0' => '',
                                       'edit-work.rel.6.link_type_id' => '281',
                                       'edit-work.rel.1.target' => '54363d48-7228-4ba2-9a42-df949ecb26f7',
                                       'edit-work.rel.6.entity1_credit' => '',
                                       'edit-work.rel.3.relationship_id' => '270270',
                                       'edit-work.rel.0.target' => 'c1f389e1-b752-4f7c-91fb-74758a0dada8',
                                       'edit-work.rel.6.entity0_credit' => '',
                                       'edit-work.type_id' => '17',
                                       'edit-work.edit_note' => 'Well... This is a bug in Musicbrainz... if you modify the work relationship type, the UI breaks... specifically the edit box doesn\'t go away when you click "DONE", except it will the second time you click... and then if you modify three things, it will display only one.',
                                       'edit-work.rel.0.link_type_id' => '168',
                                       'edit-work.rel.2.relationship_id' => '1610260',
                                       'edit-work.rel.2.backward' => '1',
                                       'edit-work.languages.0' => '',
                                       'edit-work.rel.2.link_type_id' => '168',
                                       'edit-work.comment' => '',
                                       'edit-work.rel.5.link_order' => '3',
                                       'edit-work.rel.0.backward' => '1',
                                       'edit-work.rel.2.target' => '69e59870-09e0-4fb5-8c76-4fc64f624b18',
                                       'edit-work.rel.4.target' => 'c4704001-521e-4600-a781-51f54750d99d',
                                       'edit-work.rel.4.link_order' => '1',
                                       'edit-work.attributes.0.value' => '',
                                       'edit-work.rel.3.link_type_id' => '281',
                                       'edit-work.attributes.0.type_id' => '',
                                       'edit-work.rel.4.link_type_id' => '281',
                                       'edit-work.rel.5.link_type_id' => '281',
                                       'edit-work.rel.6.target' => 'd50f21a2-8a1b-47f1-a85c-ab1d8b662b36',
                                       'edit-work.rel.5.relationship_id' => '270271',
                                       'edit-work.rel.3.link_order' => '2'
                'query_parameters' => {}

      We're terribly sorry for this problem. Please wait a few minutes and repeat your request — the problem may go away.

      If the problem persists, please report a bug and include any error message that is shown above.

      Please be sure to include the stack trace and request data shown above!




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