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Pull legal name alias instead of legal name artist for the relationship Artist-Artist "perform as/legal name"




      From IRC...

      <Lotheric> Is it a bug that "legal name" relationship w. artist credit doesn't show on the performer page with credited name ?
      <Lotheric> https://beta.musicbrainz.org/artist/9d6fbc4b-b8e1-406b-95da-33146fa8e485?all=1 says legal name is Akena Okoko (its real name) but actual legal name is Akena Lohamba Okoko
      <Lotheric> even if I applied AC to the relationship it shows the linked artist name instead of the AC I put in
      <Lotheric> In relationship tab it shows correctly
      <Lotheric> not on main tab
      <reosarevok> Lotheric: not sure if a bug but why wouldn't you just rename the artist?
      <Lotheric> well, in everyday life he's know my Akena Okoko (not using his middle name) <
      <Lotheric> + he has many project names so I can't merge them all
      <Lotheric> I guess it would be simpler if we had artist name, legal name and real name ( in aliases)
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      <Lotheric> like my legal name is Joseph Steven L****** but in real life I don't use Joseph... just Steven L******
      <reosarevok> The code just takes the linked artist from the relationship, rather than the relationship data itself
      <reosarevok> Same for the performs as ones
      <Lotheric> looks like it. But to have an artist page by the name of Akena Lohamba Okoko is weird since he's known by Akena Okoko (unless he uses his artist names)
      <Lotheric> I can rename it back to Akena Lohamba Okoko and alias it Akena Okoko but it's backward imho
      <Lotheric> it's like Beyoncé
      <Lotheric> you wouldn't name her artist page Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
      <Lotheric> if she performed also with another name (another project)
      <reosarevok> Yeah
      <Lotheric> I could create a new artist page Akena Okoko with legal name linked but it's not really a performer name, it's his name!
      <reosarevok> Rather than aliasing the relationship, IMO it would make sense for the code to check for a legal name alias on the legal name artist
      <reosarevok> Which would already solve this issue too
      <Lotheric> yeah, in this case it would fix the issue
      <Lotheric> I think I've seen similar issues with AC in performer relationship in tracklists
      <Lotheric> I'd have to dig to find an example
      <Lotheric> ah it's in works
      <Lotheric> https://beta.musicbrainz.org/artist/8a688572-bda2-4d37-9415-1e7a4e6d9b56/works
      <Lotheric> https://beta.musicbrainz.org/work/49e21c1f-a27e-48a4-b548-c8f5ed64b99c
      <Lotheric> the lyricist in this case is credited to Steve Jolin (performs as Anodajay) but shows up as Anodajay in works
      <Lotheric> same kind of issue I guess

      • Lotheric curses Akena to have so many projects
        <Lotheric> want me to make a ticket for it ?
        <reosarevok> Lotheric: two, please




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