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ArtistRoles lists don't use relationship credits




      TL;DR: If, say, a work is credited to an artist under a specific relationship credit, the credit will show when viewing the work page, but it won't show in the ArtistRoles list used to display all the involved artists on WorksList.

      For example, the artist “Anodajay” is correctly credited as “Steve Jolin” for his lyricist role in the Work page “7 chanceux”, but this artist credit is wrongly replaced with his name “Anodajay” in the “Writers” column for this lyricist role with the work “7 chanceux” in the Works page of this artist.

      From IRC...

      <Lotheric> Is it a bug that "legal name" relationship w. artist credit doesn't show on the performer page with credited name ?
       <Lotheric> [https://beta.musicbrainz.org/artist/9d6fbc4b-b8e1-406b-95da-33146fa8e485?all=1] says legal name is Akena Okoko (its real name) but actual legal name is Akena Lohamba Okoko
       <Lotheric> even if I applied AC to the relationship it shows the linked artist name instead of the AC I put in
       <Lotheric> In relationship tab it shows correctly
       <Lotheric> not on main tab
       <reosarevok> Lotheric: not sure if a bug but why wouldn't you just rename the artist?
       <Lotheric> well, in everyday life he's know my Akena Okoko (not using his middle name) <
       <Lotheric> + he has many project names so I can't merge them all
       <Lotheric> I guess it would be simpler if we had artist name, legal name and real name ( in aliases)
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       <Lotheric> like my legal name is Joseph Steven L****** but in real life I don't use Joseph... just Steven L******
       <reosarevok> The code just takes the linked artist from the relationship, rather than the relationship data itself
       <reosarevok> Same for the performs as ones
       <Lotheric> looks like it. But to have an artist page by the name of Akena Lohamba Okoko is weird since he's known by Akena Okoko (unless he uses his artist names)
       <Lotheric> I can rename it back to Akena Lohamba Okoko and alias it Akena Okoko but it's backward imho
       <Lotheric> it's like Beyoncé
       <Lotheric> you wouldn't name her artist page Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
       <Lotheric> if she performed also with another name (another project)
       <reosarevok> Yeah
       <Lotheric> I could create a new artist page Akena Okoko with legal name linked but it's not really a performer name, it's his name!
       <Lotheric> :)
       <reosarevok> Rather than aliasing the relationship, IMO it would make sense for the code to check for a legal name alias on the legal name artist
       <reosarevok> Which would already solve this issue too :)
       <Lotheric> yeah, in this case it would fix the issue
       <Lotheric> I think I've seen similar issues with AC in performer relationship in tracklists
       <Lotheric> I'd have to dig to find an example
       <Lotheric> ah it's in works
       <Lotheric> [https://beta.musicbrainz.org/artist/8a688572-bda2-4d37-9415-1e7a4e6d9b56/works]
       <Lotheric> [https://beta.musicbrainz.org/work/49e21c1f-a27e-48a4-b548-c8f5ed64b99c]
       <Lotheric> the lyricist in this case is credited to Steve Jolin (performs as Anodajay) but shows up as Anodajay in works
       <Lotheric> same kind of issue I guess
       * Lotheric curses Akena to have so many projects :P
       <Lotheric> want me to make a ticket for it ?
       <reosarevok> Lotheric: two, please




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