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Make a "What MusicBrainz is not" page



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      MusicBrainz has a steady influx of new editors who seem to misunderstand what MusicBrainz is or more precisely what it is not. An anti-goal page might be needed.

      Some ideas what such a page could contain were mentioned on IRC:

      <reosarevok> chaban: it sounds like what we need is some sort of "what MusicBrainz isn't" which says "a catalog of music currently for sale": "we want all music, not only releases that are currently available. Releases that have been discontinued / sold out / taken down should still be added to MusicBrainz"
      <yvanzo> +1 about anti-goals list
      <reosarevok> yvanzo, CatQuest (and chaban): wanna give more ideas of anti-goals?
      <reosarevok> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:What_Wikipedia_is_not is a TL;DR but might be useful?
      <reosarevok> Freso: you too
      <CatQuest> tja...
      <yvanzo> reosarevok: MB is not chocolate free.
      <CatQuest> mb is not: a store, a blog (too big annotations come to mind :/), just for western/English speaking audiences, just for popular/current music, just for cd's, (or just for vinyl,digital, cd's, we want things like cassettes and betamax etc too ), not a tagging platform * (* but of course we like that, )
      <CatQuest> it's not a personal promotion platform (eg, covers all those "adding yourself everywhere and write a huge annotation which is not cc and removing "old" releases in one swoop)
      <CatQuest> is not perfoectionist!
      <CatQuest> uhm
      <CatQuest> perfectionist. that is. some data is better than no data, mediocre data is better than bad data. a little data is better then perfect data
      <CatQuest> (we could be funny and say "non newbie friendly (but we're working on it!) and link to some ways to discus or how to help improve that )
      <CatQuest> hmm. how about "mb is not (and will never be) complete. that mas we can always add some data and all data is welcome
      <CatQuest> thats all at the top of my head. i don't know. could come up with something better if i think about it
      <CatQuest> anti goals should be anti goals not just goals written in "anti" form
      <CatQuest> something like jeopardy with questions in the form of answers
      <yvanzo> right, do not mention chocolate then.
      <CatQuest> hah
      <yvanzo> Seriously, I would just suggest cases people sometimes feel concerned about (it is not a music download/streaming website: it is not stealing artists’ work) and cases people try to ruin existing data (it is not only about releases available for sale, as you both mentioned).
      <yvanzo> It can probably take place into https://musicbrainz.org/doc/General_FAQ
      <CatQuest> oh yea it's not a download site!

       (Note: I've fixed a couple spelling errors for better readability)




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