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Adding translated tracklistings is impossible




      I am trying to add a pseudo-release to http://ngs.musicbrainz.org/release-group/6013e394-e810-49d4-a34e-4130f6e56980 which will be a translated track listing of http://ngs.musicbrainz.org/release/2f12434d-c4ae-4bbc-95f9-64bcfb5d7765 according to the official translated tracklist at http://ubiktune.org/releases/ubi024 .

      The Add Release page correctly infers that I am trying to duplicate the first, Japanese release, and allows me to base my new release on that one. However, once I reach the Recordings tab, it seems that the server has tried to find recordings from random artists to match with the translated track names I have entered. This is obviously not what I want - it should match recordings with the release that this new release edit is based on.

      Leaving that aside, I am in fact unable to even change the assignments of recordings it has chosen, because the AJAX searcher seems to hang (is it my internet connection? Other AJAX completion searches around the site seem to work fine.

      For those tracks which the server has found a match (in this case, track 2 is matched with a piece by Philip Glass), I am given three options: "Use Suggested Recording", "Search for Recordings", and "Add New Recording". When I select the middle one, the Philip Glass track appears in the track list on the left side of the screen regardless! (More intuitive would be to leave unselected all the radio buttons that consequently appear, rather than to select the first radio button.) And of course since the AJAX search doesn't work, I am not able to change the track anyway.

      To top it all off, when I try to press on regardless by clicking "Next ยป", I find myself still on the Recordings tab, but now with the following cryptic error:

      Warning: There were one or more errors, please check the following fields: Confirmed, Confirmed, Confirmed, Confirmed, Confirmed, Confirmed, Confirmed, Confirmed, Confirmed


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