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Add release/add disc: cannot add tracks or edit track lengths; leaving the tracklist tab loses tracklists; other problems




      1. go to http://ngs.musicbrainz.org/release/add?release-group=afad4e39-8472-34eb-98f3-91a0b37eefb1
      2. go to the tracklists tab
      3. hit "add disc"
      4. add artist "Apocalyptica" and track count "17"
      5. hit search.
      6. select the Live (CD 1) by Apocalyptica and hit Add Disc.
      7. Hit the up arrow to move disc 2 to disc 1
      8. Hit add disc and choose manual entry, add disc.

      Note that the track length on disc 3 cannot be edited, and there is no green plus to add a track for disc 3.

      Note that disc 1 displays all track lengths as ?:??

      9. Hit add disc.
      10. Go to recordings

      Receive the following error:
      "Warning: There were one or more errors, please check the following fields: 0, 2" (what the heck are fields 0 and 2?)

      Note that the discs are now in order: Disc 2, Disc 1, Disc 3.

      Note that the editor offers to take you to the advanced editor, but the advanced button does nothing.

      11. Hit the Tracklist tab.

      Note that now disc 3 has a bad track named "- Apocalyptica" by Apocalyptica.

      12. Hit the down arrow to attempt to move the "disc 2" which is first into the second position.

      Note that the disc order is now Disc 2, Disc 3, Disc 1.




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                Bug fixes, 2011-06-08