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Adding an IPI code to an artist with IPI pending fails




      If you add an IPI code to an artist with others IPI adds pending, then the your add fails. Example:

      DATE & TIME Edit #18715891 Edit #18715935 Edit #18716025
      2012-08-15 08:38:43 UTC Opened: add IPI=00217143597    
      2012-08-15 08:54:31 UTC   Opened: add IPI=00018832481  
      2012-08-15 09:09:25 UTC     Opened: add IPI=00002052553
      2012-08-29 09:00:23 UTC Applied    
      2012-08-29 09:00:24 UTC   Failed dependency  
      2012-08-29 10:00:08 UTC     Failed dependency

      The failed edits have the ModBot note:

      IPI codes have changed since this edit was created, and now conflict with changes made in this edit.

      so I think my adds was probably changes of an empty IPI field, or have something to do and interact with others IPI edits related to the same artist.

      I don't know what kind of problem it is, but looking at the user interface, for artists without stored IPI codes, we can see (example):

      IPI codes:  
        Add IPI code

      but it must be only:

      Add IPI code

      and the add should not affects any IPI entry pending.

      The interaction between the various IPI codes by the same artist can also be seen from the example of an artist with two IPI codes, one of which had to be changed:

      Edit made only on an IPI row:

      IPI code:

      Result regarding the two IPI codes:

      IPI codes:
      00000008568, 00033733793
      00033733793, 00033733891

      Looking at the 20120412-add-ipi-tables.sql update to support multiple IPI codes for artists and labels (MBS-2532) I see every single IPI code is stored in a record, and so a single edit related to a single IPI code should affect only that row (artist, ipi) in the artist_ipi table and no other row or table. Isn't it?




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