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Now being shifted around from http to https



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      I don't know if it's intentional feature or if i call it a drawback but the fact is that after MBS-2411 onwards if I'm on a http page then login, i will be redirected back to the page in https instead of http.

      I am not used to using https-mb but i don't mind getting used to it, why not, if it's better.
      I have to reload all my userjs settings etc. but I can manage this.

      But when I come to mb by typing url in browser we always lend on http (this is why i'm used to http).

      So what I mean is that if you don't do anything special, you will use https-mb only if you are not yet logged in and that you login or you will use http-mb if you are already logged in or if you come from subscription e-mail, google, a favourite, etc.).
      It's inconsistent. Maybe this inconvenience is only bad for userjs users (as the localStorage is not shared between http/https) so this is why I'm not sure to say it's a big bug or something...

      solutions ?

      A. store the full URL instead of only the path, for instance having uri=http%3A%2F%2Fmusicbrainz.org%2Fuser%2Fjesus2099 instead of currently just uri=%2Fuser%2Fjesus2099
      B. use only https-mb now, redirect all http to https (for everyone, being logged in or not)
      C. add a "favourite protocol" setting in user settings (like the "almways use beta" setting for instance).

      Sorry if it's difficult to understand.


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