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Location, venue and event support




      copied from http://bugs.musicbrainz.org/ticket/2371

      Venue and event support would be a valuable addition to MusicBrainz. This would allow you to specify where the various stages of the production process of a release took place (recorded, mixed, etc.). Especially in case of a live release it allows people to see where it was recorded. In case of a normal release it would allow you to specify e.g. the studio. For each track or release, multiple locations should be allowed to be added with the appropriate date (and time?).

      I'm not quite sure how far we should take it though. With normal releases, a specific studio would be sufficient. With live releases it might be necessary to be more specific like specifying the hall of a venue or the hall/tent on a festival. Mainly in case of the latter we are dealing with an event which might differ in location each year. We might also be dealing with an event on tour (Ozzfest comes to mind).

      Each location can have a couple of AR's like: - Official homepage URL - Google Maps URL - etc.

      At this stage, using locations for the production process is most important. At a later stage I'd love to see it get used to specify all performances of an artist or band as well (matching it with set lists, etc.).

      Nikki's comment: If it's flexible enough to let us use countries/cities/states/provinces as well as actual venues as the location, we could also use it for things like where an artist was born, where they died, what country they're a national of, or whatever other trivia that people feel like storing. If we can link to any location like that, it'd also make it possible for people to link to a location and then generate live bootleg titles instead of trying (and not really succeeding ) to get everyone to use exactly the same format.


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