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Give hints about typographically correct symbols



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      Unfortunately, many people do not make typographically correct edits.
      Typical example is the apostrophe which (in English) should be ' and not '.
      Similar for double quote, the inch sign and so on.

      I think it would be nice if there was some "assistance" for that, but I'm not fully sure as to which kind of assistance this should be... possibilities include:

      • mark guesses at the edit summary page (e.g. the last tab for release edits) in some colour (orange?) and add an icon that displays a pop-up which information what may be wrong here
      • mark guesses already during editing (i.e. not just on the summary of changes, but also during the actual editing
      • if guesses were found, required the user to click a checkbox, that he/she has checked these guesses and still thinks his version is right

      The above is only meant for edits the editor actually did.
      Maybe another one (but I'm rather unsure about whether this is a great idea or not):

      • mark guesses from already entered data (so that the editor can correct stuff from others).
        The problem with that is, that it may also lead to editors changing stuff even though it was actually e.g. ' and not '.

      Another idea could be, that the user is able to select in his profile, whether he wants to also included guesses from content he hasn't edited himself (in the sense: do you want to correct typography of others (and see guesses) too?)

      The problem with all that is obviously that typography rules (at least in parts) depends on language/script.
      English uses other quotes than German and so on...

      Since MB has this weird usage of "multiple languages" we cannot really use that either... so maybe approaching the whole question pragmatically is still fine: i.e. if language/script is English/Latin,... use rules for these... if German/Latin... use rules for these.
      But remind the editor, that these are just guesses and that the current suggestions only apply to e.g. English content.

      Just for some starters, what could the rules actually include (some English/Latin examples):

      • the correct apostrophe is '
      • the primary form of quotes is "" (and the secondary '' is only for e.g. quotes nested within "").
      • even with things like "Rock 'n' Roll" both sides use ' (and not e.g. 'n')
        same when omitting, e.g. "Beat 'em up"

      General (i.e. language independent):
      (c) or (C) => ©
      (r) or (R) => ®
      (tm) or (TM) => ™
      ... => ... (ellipsis)

      the correct sign for inch is U+2033 DOUBLE PRIME ″ so we could check for common inch sizes like 7", 8" 12" and so on... and suggest ″ for these.

      we could even do things like:
      1/2 => ½
      and so on and so on


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