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      I'm maintaining the Picard Flatpak over at Flathub. (and by the way, if anybody in the core team wants access to that, do let me know and I'll happily give you the keys )

      Flatpak enforces a naming convention for desktop app resources, based around the "application ID".

      That application ID needs to be a valid DBus well-known bus name. That is, a "reverse DNS"-style name.

      And then all the public resources of the app must be named after that application ID:

      • the desktop file
      • the appdata file (see #1384)
      • the app icons (the ones used to identify the app in desktop menus, not the UI icons used in the app)
      • the name taken by the app on DBus

      Before Flatpak, it was merely a convention to use the same name for all these things. A convention which wasn't followed much, and it didn't really matter.

      Flatpak enforces this convention, because it allows some automatic integration into the desktop:

      • appdata, desktop and icon files named with the app id are "exported" so that they are visible in the desktop launcher menus and software center;
      • DBus access is automatically authorized, and an app can't impersonate another one on the bus;

      Picard currently doesn't follow this convention, so the Flatpak build of Picard I maintain has to rename the icons and desktop file.

      When I flatpaked Picard, I chose "org.musicbrainz.Picard" as the app id, because, well, Picard is hosted at https://picard.musicbrainz.org.

      One problem is that software centers like KDE Discover or GNOME Software now see a duplicate:

      • the "picard" package coming from the distro;
      • the "org.musicbrainz.Picard" Flatpak coming from Flathub;

      Those software centers have no way to understand that they are in fact the same app, and so confused users are presented with both.

      This issue is a request for you to change the application ID so it matches the naming convention. This way, both distro packages and Flatpak builds will use the same naming, and software centers will be able to deduplicate the various builds.

      It also means I will be able to stop renaming the files in the Flatpak build, which is always nice.

      I'm not set on the "org.musicbrainz.Picard" name, if you prefer something else. I do feel it fits Picard quite well though.

      Also, if you agree to doing this, I'll be happy to send the pull request myself.


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