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Directory drag & drop from file browser to cluster area broken


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    • 2.5.2
    • 2.5.0b1, 2.5, 2.5.1
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    • Slackware 14.2, Qt-5.15.1, Python3-3.8.5, sip-5.4.0, PyQt5-5.15.1

      Starting with 2.5.0b1, drag & drop of directories from the file tree area to the cluster area seems to be broken. The first 2-3 or max 4 directories work fine, but after that the cluster area refuses to react to the "drop" action (ie. releasing the mouse button), although the cursor shows the little "+" to idicate that it's currently hovering over a "drop" target.


      I can still drag & drop files to the cluster area, but I have to expand the directory in the file tree area, select all the files in the directory, and then drag & drop them to the cluster area.


      Going back to 2.4.4 immediately brings back the usual behaviour, where I can drag & drop as many directories as I want.

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