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Make guideline for "Performance names and legal names" more clear



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      Currently it reads:




      Generally, use the name the artist mainly performs under as the artist name. Alternative names, including any legal names and name variations, should generally be entered as aliases, and can be used in artist credits and relationship credits when appropriate.

      • The Prodigy have an alias of (and some releases credited to) "Prodigy".
      • t.A.T.u. were originally known as "Тату" in Russia (they later used "t.A.T.u." everywhere).
      • Yazoo are known as "Yaz" in the USA after a lawsuit from another American artist called Yazoo.

      In some cases, a person (or, more rarely, a group) can perform under multiple names that they actually consider different projects, and not just alternative names. In that case, you should add each artist separately. If they're a person, a separate legal name artist should be added, and linked to all performance names with the is person ("performs as") relationship. In this case, do not add legal name aliases to the performance names. For groups, just link each group to their members.




      There are a few cases not specifically covered by these guidelines and there are often discussions going on because of it.

      So I'd suggest to add:




      If an artist changed their name at some point, without changing their stylthen the artist should be renamed to the newest performance name and the old one should be added as an alias. E.g.:

      • Diddy was known as Puff Daddy until 2001 (among other aliases).

      Exception: If the artist got famous under an outdated performance name and the new one is widely unknown then they should be separate. E.g.:

      • Cat Stevens now performs under his legal name Yusuf Islam or just Yusuf.







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