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Label types 'publisher' and 'manufacturer' are not defined



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      Perhaps related to STYLE-275

      We have a work-label publisher AR: https://musicbrainz.org/relationship/05ee6f18-4517-342d-afdf-5897f64276e3

      We also now have manufacturer and publisher label types.  Neither is defined in https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Label/Type

      'Manufacturer' is a relatively simple concept.  However, 'Publisher' is not, and the docs are contradictory.

      https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Label says that the type should be the "main activity of the label".  That AR doc says that it indicates "the publisher of [the] work. This is not the same concept as the record label."  The label type "publisher" is undefined.

      In Edit 60560712, we have a label named "Jingle Punks" (JP).  JP is a child of 'ole'.  ole is a holding company label.  JP is also a holding company label, managing 8 former labels which now function as imprints of JP.  JP does not 'publish' albums; it handles the licensing of the catalogs of production music owned both by itself and by the imprints.  

      In the production music world especially, it is quite common for the holding company to register both itself and the imprint as equal shares of the 'publisher' credit when registering a work at a PRO.  To my mind, that would make JP a 'holding' type label, related to works via the publisher AR.  That would seem to be true to the concept of the publisher AR, as well as the primary role (aka type) of the label, and would reserve the 'publisher' label type for some sort of 'publisher' as in 'making available in (album/single/etc) form' role. 

      But there doesn't actually seem to be any defined meaning for the "publisher" label type, which causes confusion, esp as the AR doc (written before the label type existed) expressly says they are not the same thing - and making them the same thing would mean the creation of 'imaginary' label entities, splitting labels in half, as suggested in a note to that edit, to separate the action of publishing works from all other non-publishing roles.




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