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Whitelist Mainly Norfolk




      http://mainlynorfolk.info/ is a highly accurate and detailed site for (mainly) English folk music. I refer to it frequently in edit notes and annotations.

      I would like to see it whitelisted for OtherDatabases for ReleaseGroup, Work and Artist, e.g.
      RG http://mainlynorfolk.info/martin.carthy/records/themoraloftheelephant.html

      Artist: http://mainlynorfolk.info/martin.carthy/
      NB there are often subpages for Biography and Discography - not sure whether to link them separately

      Work: http://mainlynorfolk.info/martin.carthy/songs/bonnymoorhen.html
      Generally these are trad. songs, including lyrics, so perhaps add to the the lyrics whitelist too?

      I have discussed this with the owner, and he is agreeable to being linked to. We had a discussion about static URLS, which I quote:

      You're welcome to link to any Mainly Norfolk pages.

      The pages are mostly static. There are already many links from Mudcat and from A Folk Song a Day to my site and I'm not interested in letting them get stale.

      Every now and then, I reorganize a bit; e.g. yesterday I consolidated the two song pages
      (which are basically two versions of Child 217) into one. But in such cases I redirect from any "lost" page to the new one, so if you access the former address you will automagically be forwarded to the latter. But I usually don't redirect to moved album cover pictures; if you want to use some, you'd better copy them.

      My site grew out of discographies of about twenty artists that got directories of their own and are listed in the left-hand column. Later the number of artists was too big to be listed there, so "newer" artists have single discography pages like http://mainlynorfolk.info/folk/records/<artist>.html

      If a song was sung by one ore more of the "earlier" artist, I use the earliest of these versions and place the song in the corresponding artist's directory at http://mainlynorfolk.info/<artist>/songs/<songtitle>.html
      If there is no suitable place, I use the generic directory http://mainlynorfolk.info/folk/songs/<songtitle>.html

      Unfortunately these rules can't be deducted just from the song title so it looks a bit erratic. But the resulting page usually is static.

      Best wishes,


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