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RE enable related edits on entity pages.




      Once upon a time we had edits appearing at the top of pages to be voted on:

      <CatQuest> man, i really miss having related open edit appear at the top of pages
      <CatQuest> take https://beta.musicbrainz.org/recording/85405bfe-beb4-4d67-a48d-8d0655aa0f0d f.ex here the edit https://beta.musicbrainz.org/edit/64151852 would show. I could vote/approve without going to the edit history tab
      <CatQuest> even better, if it showed on https://beta.musicbrainz.org/release/d1e89c1f-906c-467c-9c2b-948f161a67ee I wouldn't have to go to first recording and then edit history to vote too!

      it worked like this: first it showed edits related to the entity you were on, so edits for that specific artist you were on on that artist page, edits for the release on that release page etc. if there were no open edits, it would show you open edits from your subscribed entities(artists), if there were no open edits on the entity or the subscription, it would just show open edits from the entire open edit search.

      However, it was not without it's problems, and we did receive a whole lot of problems which we put many fixes in to solve. Eventually restricting who could see the edits, and then, removing edits from tops of pages altogether.

      but. basically all of the problems we had with originally having this have since then been abolished:

      • new editors cannot vote until they've had 10 edits accepted
      • no votes will extend the open time for edits, and additionally 3 no edits will not close the edit automatically
      • you need to write a note before you vote no
      • Style-guides have been quite a lot refined
      • we now have a CoC, the ability to report editors, and a community.forum
      • a lot of edits are now auto-edits - we could also make it so only destructive edits showed.
      • it's easy to make this an option you can opt into - it wouldn't be show to new editors automatically, but perhaps after their "graduation" to regular user they'd be informed about voting, links to voting guidelines, and the option to turn on seeing edits above entities.
      • we could (should) make the edits iframe thing collapsible/expandable as well, for times where you don't want to see it.

      Today we have a real problem getting people to vote, we have a slowly increasing number of active editors, but a slowly decreasing of people who vote regularly:

      <CatQuest> you want people to vote more? ^^^^^ is how we make people vote
      <CatQuest> it is the #1 reason I don't vote as much anymore


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