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File path and match % not updated in status bar when saving a single file or updating new metadata



      If you have a single matched file/track selected in right-hand pane and then save it such that it gets renamed or moved, the status bar is not updated with the new path and match %.

      Additionally, when you manually change "new metadata" values at the bottom of the pane, it does not adjust the match % until you click to another entry and then click back to the file. Ideally I guess it should adjust the % as you type, just as it does for the "similarity bar" icon.

      I think the problem is that AlbumTreeView.update_track does not invoke MainWindow.updateSelection() which has the status-bar-changing logic

      Suggested patch below - but I'm no QT nor GUI expert, so I'm not sure about best approach here. I'm not sure if this will cause too many updates... or possibly whether it should be done after the update_album call?

      Index: picard/ui/itemviews.py
      --- picard/ui/itemviews.py	(revision revno:1173)
      +++ picard/ui/itemviews.py	(revision )
      @@ -684,6 +684,8 @@
                   item.setTextColor(i, color)
                   item.setBackgroundColor(i, get_match_color(similarity, self.palette().base().color()))
               item.setData(1, QtCore.Qt.UserRole, QtCore.QVariant(track.metadata.length or 0))
      +        if item.isSelected():
      +            self.window.updateSelection(self.panel.selected_objects())
               if update_album:
                   self.update_album(track.album, update_tracks=False)


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