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Cannot add new releases- "A track name is required on track <N>" for all tracks when submitting with discId/toc




      When attempting to add a new release, I get errors from both the basic and advanced tracklist editors. They show "A track name is required on track <N>." for all tracks, and "A tracklist is required" as the final error.

      Clicking on the "Next" button displays all of those errors and resets all tracks to "<tracknum>. - <albumartist> - <albumartist>".

      The edit was initiated through the "submit TOC" link, which currently redirects to http://ngs.musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/attach?id=nTuNGRJ.iRkWIwbPlVcpc4OU9b8-&tracks=11&toc=1+11+216951+150+17769+37205+55285+78644+97178+116878+135226+153318+173249+193960&tport=8000

      Here are the details of what I am trying to submit:
      Title: Without This You Can Never Change
      Artist: Space March
      Album, Official, English, Latin
      2007-04-24, USA, Jewel, Ninthwave Records, NW150053-2, 643157387251, CD

      1. About to Explode - Space March
      2. Out of Touch - Space March
      3. Canadian Girls - Space March
      4. Nothing Else - Space March
      5. Four Winds - Space March
      6. Impossible - Space March
      7. Time Will Make a Fool Out of Me - Space March
      8. Shape the World - Space March
      9. Sugar - Space March
      10. Stronger Than Steel - Space March
      11. Trapped - Space March

      I tried combinations with and without the artist. The "Guess Case" button adds the artist on each track. It does show up correctly if pasted in as listed above and then switching to the advanced tracklist editor.

      I thought there may be some firefox bug in the form submission, but I tried chrome as well with no success.

      This appears to be similar to MBS-1990, although I am seeing it with track names instead of the artist.


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