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Missing alias attribute SCRIPT (as tracklists' one)



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      This ticket stands for all aliases (works' and artists').

      As for pseudo release tracklists we need the SCRIPT attribute on aliases.

      An example : 陰陽座's one LATIN script alias would be Onmyo-za (japanese name in this case).
      Currently, without the LATIN script attribute on alias, we would have to either

      • 1. create one french Onmyo-za alias (wrong as other latin languages won't see any aliases and wrong to say that Onmyo-za is a french word) or
      • 2. create as many Onmyo-za aliases as there are latin languages (stupidly long alias list and wrong to say that Onmyo-za is both french, english, german, dutch, etc. word) or
      • 3. create one Onmyo-za alias without language attribute set (wrong for all non latin languages and some random editor will eventually come and auto-edit set whatever language they fancy and we're back to 1.)

      Solution : This Onmyo-za alias must only be set as LATIN script alias, period, end of problems.

      AFAIK the language attribute is less important, if at all.

      Related stuff

      PS. The ultimate use of aliases I guess is internationalisation if you want this or that release tracklist in latin for instance, it will get works aliases latin script aliases and artists latin script aliases to make up the tracklist instead of using the current but to be dropped pseudo-release system.
      And for browsing internationalisation, if you say you're in one of the latin based languages those aliases will be used (instead of problem 2. stupidly long alias list).


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