Another Family/Ensemble master ticket. this is for The Guitar Family aka PITA with extra strings Attached.

      There are two:
      The Main Guitar Guitar thing (which is a pita)
      The extended guitar-family that also involves things like ukulele and guitarion and other things.* (that also veers into the rest of the plucked strings instruments and things like tamburica and cittern (where does it eeeend))

      Question for the masses: is a "Bass guitar" a different instrument or a Guitar that is in the bass range? i.e. there can be soprano guitar, baritone guitar and Bass guitar just like with violins/violas?
      In the other hand: bass has typically 4 strings not 5 like the typical guitar does. How about relationships to other bass string instruments?

      What to do with Electric instruments!!! ie is the Electric Bass Guitar a derivative of the Electric Guitar or the Electric Bass (of slap/contra/etc pierzo-pickup fame)


      Guitar Guitar instrument family
      Mexican Guitar Family
      Bass guitar family (if a separate thing)
      Slide guitars (do this later ಠ_ಠ )
      it starts getting hairy...


      Extended range
      Electric instruments (ie as before, is the Electric Ukulele an Electric Guitar derivative or an (acoustic) Ukulele derivative (hybird?))
      Fretless guitars
      Electric Fretless guitars
      Electric Fretless Bass guitars (srsly?)


      Then there is the hereditary side of it: the cittern and then the gittern and then finally the Baroque Guitar then the Renaissance guitar and then the classical guitar which is both the parent of all the other acoustic/nylon/steel/gut guitars and a newly made modern derivative of the gut guitar somehow o__o


      When something is called "electric" what does that mean in that instance? it can so far mean:
      Hollow Body (acoustic-like) instrument with a pickup added (a modification and thus (usually) covered by 1.3 )
      Hollow Body (acoustic-like or Dobro) with an integrated pickup like that of the solid body ones;
      Solid Body Electric Guitar (i.e. "Rock" guitar)


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